A reliable and complete solution for SCORM in Sakai…

for Sakai now.

scorm for sakai


SCORM Cloud + Sakai = SCORM that works!


You love Sakai. It’s a little more complicated to keep it going but you believe it’s hands-down the best open source learning management system out there. Except for the lack of a really great SCORM solution.

Enter SCORM Cloud. Now you can have SCORM 2004 compatibility (oh, and 1.2 and that AICC stuff too) in a player from people who really know SCORM. (That’s us, BTW.) A top-notch player ready when you need it with simple installation and use. The Sakai Mod is free, but there are fair prices for the use of SCORM Cloud. Did we say simple? Here’s all you need to do:


Download & Install

So you’ll need the .zip file that has the Sakai mod files in it. You can download it here. (There are downloads for versions 2.5-2.8. It should be noted that just like Sakai, we’re only providing active support for versions 2.7 and 2.8.) Expand the zip, then just drag and drop the folders into the appropriate places. And … that’s really about all there is to it. (Really. Here are the full instructions so you can see.)


Create Account

Now that everything’s installed, you’ll need to get a SCORM Cloud account set up so you can get your app_id and secret key. There’s a link within your installation to get you started with the free trial level to play and test or head here to choose a full-fledged, grown-up version.


Import Content

Now this part, you’re probably already familiar with. The big change you’ll notice is that you have the option to Add a SCORM Course when you set up an assignment. (We did a walk-through on this part as well for you.) Get a look at the great reporting tools available as well once your course is in use.