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You can sign up for a Trial account or select one of our paid plans, but all plans are based around the idea of monthly usage, which we track as registrations.

What’s a registration?

A registration is when a learner initially launches a course. Once that learner has launched the course, they can come back to it as many times as they like without counting as another registration. You can consider anytime you send out an invite to someone as a registration.

To learn the specifics of how registrations work and how to invite learners to your content, click here.

How free works

The Trial level is free for you to sign up, and free for your learners to sign up. It’s designed to let you see how SCORM Cloud works by giving you access to all the features, but with limitations.

Within the Trial, you can have up to 10 registrations and 100 MB of storage. The Trial level is great if you want to preview or test your SCORM content, or try some of our app integrations (WordPress, Moodle, Google Apps, etc.)

How paid works

SCORM Cloud plans are based on an “as you need it” sort of deal. You can bump up your account for times when you have a lot of classes running and drop back down when you aren’t using it much. You’ll get billed monthly to a credit card prior to the month of service.

Each plan includes a set number of registrations with an option to include overages if you end up needing more registrations. For overages, we charge you a small fee per registration for any over your limit. Sound fair?

SCORM Cloud Plans

Test Track?Upload and test the conformance of your e-learning content. Unlimited use is included in all plans. Storage Limit?The amount of storage you get for your content.

If you run out of storage with a Trial account, you’ll need to delete courses to make room, or upgrade your plan.
Registrations?The number of registrations allowed per month.

A registration is an instance of a user launching a course. If a single user launches the same course multiple times, it only counts as one registration.

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Overage Cost?The cost of a registration if you go over your monthly limit. Course Exports?This limit only applies to courses created by video upload in ScoTube and with Quizzage. This is the monthly limit of SCORM packages that you can export via these tools, and Dispatch packages don’t apply.

Re-exporting a course doesn’t count towards your monthly limit.

Price?The monthly charge for each plan.
Trial 100MB 10 Free
Little Unlimited 50 $3 5 $75
Medium Unlimited 100 $3 10 $150
Big Unlimited 300 $0.33 30 $300
Bigger Unlimited 3,000 $0.10 150 $1,000
Even Biggerer Unlimited 60,000 $0.075 1,000 $5,000

Whether you have a Trial account or are on a paid plan, you can trust that your courses and data are safe in SCORM Cloud. You can find more details on our service and security policies here.